Tea to go with your Tupelo

Now that I’ve figured out that I LOVE, love, love Tupelo Honey, (hopefully you do too) you’ll be needing a good tea to go with it!

By FAR, my favorite tea comes from a company called Tea Forté. They have these adorable,  pyramid shaped, silk infusers that wrap their little arms around delightful tea varieties.

This company is such a Class Act!  The packaging, is elegant and expensive looking, but the price is very reasonable.

They have an “Inspiration” line of tea, packaged in heart shaped boxes and cups with the matching design of the box, on the cup. Inside each tea infuser is a note of inspiration, printed on a leaf shaped paper. This is the perfect gift for Mr. and Mrs. Picky Pants OR why not indulge yourself!

They have a huge selection of teas, I highly recommend getting an assortment to see which you like the best.  My personal favorite is Vienna Cinnamon desert tea. OMG, I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven when I drink that tea. Many of my friends say it’s their favorite too, so get a tea collection with Vienna Cinnamon in it, unless you don’t like cinnamon. It does contain Black tea and caffeine, so drink it in the morning. One nice side effect, it leaves your breath feeling fresh.

When you have some time, check out their website: http://www.teaforte.com they have a full line of tea, accessories, gifts, cocktail infusers.  I’ve ordered a large amount of tea and other items for gifts, everything has been wonderful and the recipients loved their gifts as well.

Don’t forget to sign up for their “Tea Rewards”  you receive rewards that can be used on a future order.  Also you get $5 for referrals and the person you referred gets $5 off on their first order, very COOL!

FREE shipping on orders over $75 too! YAY

Enjoy your Tea Party,



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