AWE The Taste Test

We received our last Honey shipment and finally the day arrived for the Blind Taste Test!

In eager anticipation of the day, one of the test subjects arrived early, armed with our Fav. . Thomas English muffins. On the bottom of each bottle of honey, we wrote a number from 1 to 4, in no particular order. Linda agreed to be the test captain and her duties were to toast the muffins, put them on 4 paper plates with corresponding numbers on the bottom to match the 4 honey samples. She applied honey #1, to muffins on plate #1, honey #2, to muffins on plate #2 and so forth. She shuffled the plates and then brought them into our testing room. There were 4 taste testers and each had their own method of tasting. One tester would take a swig of hot tea to clear her palete between samples, I prefered to just dig in and enjoy!

First of all, let’s just say there wasn’t a loser in the bunch, I would be perfectly happy buying and eating honey from any of the four companies, we all agreed on that!

An interesting thing happened, I THOUGHT I knew which was my favorite before we did the blind taste test (I had been using it in my tea for weeks), however it turns out that I picked two others that I liked better in the blind test and all of us agreed on the two as the best of the four. Since we still had muffins left, we thought we should try the whole thing again to make SURE of our picks.  This time we liked one that WASN’T our favorite from before and one that WAS a favorite from before, “Oh Great” now what do we do?    Ok, as I said there were NO losers in any of these. The honey that got picked the most often was. . . Lanier Tupelo Honey.

Personally I’m enjoying all of them and will order again from all four companies.

Kudos to all the Bees and their keepers for providing this lovely nectar!



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