Tupelo Honey Update and Price Comparison

Well. . . DARN, Friday has arrived and sadly only three of the four honey shipments have arrived. I was hoping to be able to compare the quality and price together, but alas, it’s not to be.

After conducting a random internet search these are  four companies that I ordered from. They are in no particular order and I have no connection with any of them, except as a first time customer:

L.L. Lanier & Sons:  www.lltupelohoney.com

Savannah Bee:   http://www.savannahbee.com

Sleeping Bear Farms:    www.sleepingbearfarms.com

Smiley Apiaries:     info@floridatupelohoney.com

There is some great information on all their websites about Tupelo Honey if you’re interested in the process of harvesting Tupelo. Somehow along the way, I got swept into the Bee World and ended up reading a book and watching two Bee Movies.

The book is called Robbing The Bees, by Holley Bishop. The book, a combination of history and biography, was a most enjoyable read. The author apprenticed with expert, professional beekeeper Donald Smiley of Smiley Apiaries.  It was very cool to buy honey from a famous beekeeper that showed up in print.

The Movies were Ulee’s Gold and The Secret of Bees.  Peter Fonda was GREAT playing the part of the beekeeper, in Ulee’s Gold. The Lanier’s (one of the companies that I ordered from) assisted with the movie. Ben Lanier showed Peter how to handle bees and worked with the film crew in an effort to make the beekeeping scenes true-to-life. The swamp lands and bee yards in the film belong to the Laniers as well.

LOVED The Secret of Bees, I’ve seen it two times already, however I have to confess I’m a big fan of both Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah, just love all their movies. There isn’t a connection to any of these apiaries with this movie as far as I know.

Ok, now with the comparisons.

All Four orders were placed on the same day.

Savannah Bee, has their correspondence perfected.  I received an email confirmation Jan 29 and then a Fedex shipping notice Feb 1, the order was received on Feb 5th.

Smiley Apiaries, had similar confirmations, Jan 29 and then a UPS shipping notice Feb 2, the order was received on Feb 9th.

Sleeping Bear Farms, did not send any confirmation or shipping notice, the order DID arrive the same day as Savannah Bee, Feb 5th. I’m thinking they’d rather spend their time tending to their million’s of  busy pets, packaging their wonderful honey, maybe try to get a little sleep once in awhile, instead of dealing with bothersome correspondence.  That’s ok by me!

L.L. Lanier & Sons, I received an email order confirmation, no shipping notice and haven’t received the order yet.  Hopefully next week!

The prices are similar for 3 of the 4 companies. The comparison was between  5lb jugs of honey, or the closest I could come. (One of them I couldn’t find a 5 pounder on their website, so I compared the 2 lb version for that one).  The price per pound, ends up between $4.70 and $14, at the 5lb quantity. As you can see one of them is quite a bit higher, the difference didn’t really bother me that much, because the quality, packaging and service of this company is outstanding.

Actually, so far I would order from any of these again, there are no losers here! Once I receive the last one, I’ll try and pick my favorite, that’s going to be tough, the bees are such good workers, wouldn’t want to hurt any of their feelings.

Hope you have a Honey of a Valentine’s Day!

Thanks a Jillion!


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